Xp ip address not updating

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Xp ip address not updating

Please consult the documentation for your product to find specific instructions on how to configure its firewall service Is my ISP blocking the port(s) I am trying to use?The easiest way to test if your ports are open and properly configured on your end is to use our Port Check Tool.Have a look at our Basic Port Forwarding Guide for more information on port forwarding.Note: You should only open the ports that are needed to gain access to your applications.This website will show you your current public IP address.If the IP address does not match the one listed by your hostname, you will need to manually update it to get your service working again.

Anything other than a response like the one below indicates something is wrong.

How do I manually update my hostname in my No-IP account?

To manually update the hostname, login to your No-IP account and click Hosts/Redirects at the top left of the page.

This removes the need for downloading our Dynamic Update Client.

Note: This software must be installed and running at all times in order to continue sending us an update.

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In response, you should see a message that looks similar to this: The IP address that returns should match the IP address that is shown next to your hostname on the Hosts/Redirects page.

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