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If they are still seen as "providers" with all these extra expenses, well, then, the pay gap makes sense. One of the big reasons that many women may feel OK with not paying on dates is that love interests are not seen as friends.Dating is often seen as something transactional, where money is used to convey someone's intentions and feelings of connection.But I’d be lying if I said that I’ve personally experienced such inequality.In many cases, I made even more money than my partners. Sometimes, I'd attempt to make up for it all by buying expensive gifts for birthdays or Christmas.But guys, like women, are also battling against social expectations of their behavior.If a guy insists on paying the bill, it might not be because he just enjoys paying.

If men continue to pay for everything and women continue to expect it, won't this set-up simply justify the need for men to earn more?

After all, my father was the provider in my family, and my mom didn't work.

To apply this line of thinking to my dating life, I had to overlook the fact that my mom and dad married when my mom was just 19 and my dad was 22; they had two kids within a space of a few years, and my mom raised us kids while my dad worked.

Paying for ourselves is part of being smart, independent, capable women.

I realized that if I wanted to be in a relationship where power was equally distributed, where respect was mutual, where each person in the relationship mattered and had value as a human being, then I had to shift my perspective about what paying for things meant. Paying for myself makes me feel good about myself and my situation, because I know it means that I'm part of a healthy, mutually respectful relationship. We're not living in some past, using an outdated definition of what a relationship should be or should look like.

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I had to examine what was really going on regarding my expectations of men.

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  1. They love to laugh and enjoy life, don't get caught up in the little things, tend to avoid drama, and are independent with their own lives, hobbies, interests, and friends.