Who is kyan douglas dating

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Who is kyan douglas dating

Kyan Douglas is a man best known for his work on "Queer Eye," and most of the males who are on the gay side would already know the fact that he is a gay as well.The people, who have their eyes set on Kyan, are moreover willing and longing to know if their dreams are going to get shattered!

Bass' spokesperson said, That is the reason why the claims were just complete mysteries for the entire world, and it remained unclear about the nature of their connection.

Kyan Douglas has always been someone who has preferred to keep the details about his personal life close to his chest, and that is the reason why there are no significant details disclosed by him regarding his family life.

However, the internet world indicates that he has a sister named Kelli, who is the reason behind his attractive hairstyle, as she first taught him how to style hair.

Moreover, the man has maintained ample silence on his love and the romantic aspect of his life, so his current relationship status remains unclear as of now.

However, everyone does know the fact that he and fellow actor Robert Grant were once in a dating relationship.

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We are since really good friends, so Joshua was my first love.

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