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Millersvilles high school team, the Bulls, had made it to the playoffs and hopes were high as the whole town counted down to the weekend and game time.

Five couples got engaged during this past year, each in a different month.

Since upgrading operating systems was rarely as simple as the programmers thought it was, Richard planned a full day for each computer and even provided loaners for the users...

Sara had Quadruplets four kids born at the same time.

Each of the friends lived in a different northern state and all of them had already gotten a snowstorm, each on a different day of the week.

While the storms were small so far, only one to three inches, they speculated on how much snow each area would get during the whole winter.

They were all in second grade now and all in different classes.

Tomorrow was Show & Tell at school so there was a flurry of activity this afternoon while they tore their rooms apart, deciding what to bring in to share with their class...

She and several of the other mothers in their neighborhood took turns picking their kids up after school.Coincidentally, each couple met originally through a dating service and had no prior experience with each other. Four couples were featured this month on Room with a View, the popular home makeover TV show.The couples were from all over the United States and each had one problem room in their home.But she'd been travelling a lot for work and just hadn't had the time to make her appointments...With spring in the air, everyone's starting to think about spring clean-up so Jeff spent all week after school and all weekend doing odd jobs around the neighborhood to earn some spending money.

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Pretty much any make you wanted was available, although some manufacturers you had to special order to get...