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The way we'd interpret the plain text file would be dependent on how we designed our own format.

No information exists to tell others what the actual data means, its order, or how to parse (read) it in other projects.

The piece of XML to validate is specified in the constructor.

The constructors using more than a single argument are only relevant if you want to validate against a DTD and need to provide the location of the DTD itself - for details see the next section.

The structure of the catalogue is such that it contains CDs, which in turn contain tracks.

To report errors, it is necessary to provide an Error Handler to the underlying implementation.

Sometimes, it doesn't make sense for information to appear between opening and closing tags.

For example, if we need more than one piece of information to describe an element, we might like to include those multiple pieces of information within a single tag.

For example, the track "Street Spirit" corresponds to the CD "The Bends," just as the track "Last Nite" corresponds to the CD "Is This It?

" If we didn't use a suitable hierarchy, we wouldn't be able to ascertain this during parsing.

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