Vietnamese dating in usa

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Vietnamese dating in usa

After the Civil War, increasingly more undertakers began to experiment with embalming as an alternative to other modes of preservation.

By the early decades of the twentieth century, embalming had become a standard practice in much of the country.

Even though it might be placed on a cooling board, the interior of the corpse was generally not accessible to prying eyes, hands, or medical equipment.

The most obvious, and popular, line of attack was economic.

Funeral directors lived with their families in these homes, and very often wives and children worked with the father in preparing services for people in grief.

Whether they helped friends, neighbors, or acquaintances, everyone who walked into the home shared one thing in common: They were customers engaged in a financial transaction.

The Lynch family, in its third generation of funeral directors, has chosen to remain privately owned while some others have sold to large multinational corporations.

the industry, which was generating billions of dollars per year in economic activity by the end of the twentieth century.

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In addition, states began to recognize this modern professional occupation through licensing boards made up of established funeral directors and other civic leaders.

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