Validating xml without namespace

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The validating Xml Reader object is then used to create the Xml Document object. The following example validates the file as it is loaded into the Xml Document object by creating the Xml Document object using a validating Xml Reader object. For more information about modifying values using the Set Typed Value method, see the Modify XML Data using XPath Navigator topic. Modifications made using the Set Typed Value method of the XPath Navigator class resulted in an Invalid Cast Exception because the new value was invalid according to the schema type of the node. A plugin called xml tools is also free to download.

The Xml Reader Settings object passed as a parameter has a Validation Type property set to and an XML Schema for the XML document contained in the Xml Document object added to its Schemas property.

Most document types are subject to constraints that cannot be expressed with XML Schema. Don't hesitate to send suggestions and comments to Christoph Schneegans ([email protected]).

This validator tries to check these as well, which makes its results much more applicable to real-world applications: namespaces in .

Because the XML document is valid according to its schema, no schema validation errors or warnings are generated.

Message) Exit Sub End Select End Sub End Class In the above example, an Xml Schema Validation Exception will be thrown when Load is called if any attribute or element type does not match the corresponding type specified in the validating schema. Create Navigator() Dim validation As Validation Event Handler = New Validation Event Handler(Address Of Schema Validation Handler) navigator.

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In the case of validation, you can create an XPath Document object just like you create an Xml Document object using a validating Xml Reader object as described earlier in this topic.

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