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Validating through firewall

But during policy upload same warning is displayed when default file filtering policy is referenced without having anti-malware enabled.This warning can safely be ignored if you do not intend to use the file filtering policy.Thus, HTTP data is checked to be valid against IETF RFC 2616.

Load balancers perform the same function, just like a firewall.A working definition of firewall is a device that selectively prevents (or denies) traffic forwarding.A router configured with an access list to filter packets is a "firewall." However, the TCP and UDP protocol unfortunately allows for certain types of packets to bypass an access list, so an access control list (ACL) is generally regarded as a poor firewall.To remove the warning you can create empty file filtering policy and refer that on inspection tab of engine policy.There are no technical reasons to implement a firewall in front of your load balancers. Of course, so-called security professionals might feel threatened about their livelihoods being attacked and claim you need a firewall (and their services) anyway--but that's a policy problem, not a technical problem.

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A couple of recognized industry bodies like ICSA will do some testing of basic firewall concepts, and the informational RFC 3511 Benchmarking Methodology for Firewall Performance defines some performance tests.

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