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I might've liked Be Delicious better if it had been more juicy apple and florals than cucumber and sharp apple or something green.I love a lot of floral fruity fragrances and more so with age than I did when I was younger.

After a couple of hours, it sittles down, and becomes a nice, girly, but quite synthetic scent, which is good for everydays.However, when I used it, I found it weaker than expected. Crispy fresh apple with cucumber is all I can describe it as. I still wear it occasionally, but wonder why I bother!Apples & lily of the valley kind of smack you in the face at first. It ends up smelling of "warm apple juice", tuberose, a touch of baby powder, and sandalwood. However, on my bestie- who's skin reacts nicely with ambers- when she wears it, it is amazingly warm and woodsy and kind of smells like fall desserts. I wanted to like this, because I love fruity scents, but it dries down to a nasty, floral/green combination.I don't plan to repurchase Be Delicious but I might try the pink Fresh Blossom or the red one.One of my first beloved perfumes and I still like it and have great memories bound to it.

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It was great idea to combine apple and cucumber notes with spring flowers.

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