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Fortunately, as with the whole of the Linux landscape, package management is an incredibly user-friendly task ─ when you know what you’re looking for.Some distributions make the process of managing software incredibly easy. Front and center on the Launcher is the Ubuntu Software Center icon.The easiest way to get to Ya ST2 is to open up the KDE “K” menu and type “yast” in the search field (Figure 1).When the Ya ST2 entry appears, click it to fire up the tool.To get started with Docker CE on Cent OS, make sure you meet the prerequisites, then install Docker.

There is no advantage to re-running the convenience script, and it can cause issues if it attempts to re-add repositories which have already been added to the host machine.

There are so many reasons why you might be considering the migration to SUSE or open SUSE.

For some, it’s the logical step to integrating Linux into a business environment (SUSE paid support is phenomenal and the open SUSE community is always at the ready to help).

If you cannot use Docker’s repository to install Docker, you can download the to run Docker commands.

Continue to Post-installation steps for Linux to allow non-privileged users to run Docker commands and for other optional configuration steps.

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