Updating sarge to etch russian speed dating london

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Updating sarge to etch

Firefox and Thunderbird extensions, compared with other kinds of software from other sources, have the 'advantage' they're checked for and updated automatically on startup.This document has related documents: 'Desktop System Setup with Debian 3.1 Sarge'; 'Server Setup with Debian 3.1 'Sarge'' 'Server Setup with Debian 4.0 'Etch''.0.8.1 - 22 April 2007 - added obexftp; removed as it's now only available in unstable & experimental; exchanged libnjb1 for libnjb0 0.8.0 - 20 April 2007 - made Bluetooth section much more complete; added packages gnome-bluetooth, btscanner, obexpushd and ussp-push.0.7.0 - 18 April 2007 - updated to relate to Debian 4.0 Etch rather than Debian Testing; wxvlc is now part of the vlc package 0.6.0 - 8 April 2007 - added wireless network auditing section; added gsynaptics; removed Serpentine.

I recommend Debian in particular for these reasons: Debian Weekly News: Debian Planet: Debian (accumulation of Debian developers' blogs): planet.debian.org, Debian bug tracking system: The easiest means of downloading Debian is from get. There are various options of what to download, the most useful to choose from are Debian Stable is available to order on CD/DVD from various vendors, a list of them is available at

1.0 - 25 June 2007 0.9.14 - 24 June 2007 - Better described X video drivers; added video graphics utilities radeontool, rovclock, 915resolution, i810switch, matroxset, nvidia-xconfig, nvidia-settings, nvtv 0.9.12 - 23 June 2007 - tidied up NTFS filesystem support info, better explaining ntfsprogs' improved NTFS mounting capabilities over the kernel's 0.9.11 - 22 June 2007 - Added debian-backports-keyring package 0.9.10 - 21 June 2007 - Added kernel 2.6.21 0.9.2 - 29 April 2007 - Added regionset 0.9.1 - 25 April 2007 - Reduced 'CD audio - Playing, digital audio extraction (ripping), copying and encoding' section into just 'Copying Audio CDs'; restored serpentine; removed abcde and jack.

0.9.0 - 24 April 2007 - Added an 'Audio / Sound - decoding, encoding, playing' section; just the packages, more will follow.

0.5.1 - 21 March 2007 - added mono-runtime 0.5.0 - 13 March 2007 - Added Search & Indexing section with Beagle; Added debian-multimedia-keyring; merged kernels specifically for amd64-generic, amd64-k8, em64t-p4, amd64-k8-smp and em64t-p4-smp into the one amd64 kernel; Replaced gtk-gnutella (no longer in Testing, though it's in Unstable) with amule; Changed Nvu as it's not available in Debian; Removed godbcconfig as it doesn't seem to be returning to Etch - see unixodbc-bin (with QT rather than GTK interface) instead; Removed trailing '/' from 'debian.org/debian' apt example; Replaced genisoimage's '-L' with '-allow-leading-dots' 0.4.9 - 2 March 2007 - added compression / archival section; added tcpdump to essential minor software.

0.4.8 - 28 February 2007 - amended refererences to multisync0.90 (replacement for the multisync package) and multisync-tools to say they're now in Etch.; Removed multisync package as it relies on the Multisync framework rather than the Opensync framework; Added opensync-plugin-google-calendar; Removed synce-multisync-plugin as it's a Multisync plugin not an Opensync plugin.

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0.4.7 - 26 February 2007 - added dvdrip for copying DVD movie to compressed format.

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