Updating fedora core 1

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(I usually make a separate partition, to make this easier when I decide to do it.) We do have some suggestions for upgrading from old releases — see Upgrading from End of Life releases on the Fedora wiki.

Objective :- ● Manually upgrade fedora core kernel using rpm package ● To upgrade the package currently installed to a new version. This is the same as install, except all other version(s) of the package are removed after the new package is installed. Check the current kernel version with this command. If there is no change to the kernel version, your upgrade may be failed.

It provides no restriction and store, preserves, and provide access to any file.

Fedora provides a set of repository services via RESTful APIs using modern web standards.There is fedora cloud base that is useful for EC2, open stack, and other cloud environments.The Fedora 26 has multiple packages explained below.It is operating system mostly used in web server, in NASA system, and in the supercomputer.Fedora 26 Updates and Release Fedora 26 released on July 11, 2017; it has strong security patches and various software upgrades. The various upstream softwares got combined with fedora 26.

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Enhance Qt app compatibility The Adwaita theme looks closer to its GTK counterpart and contains many improvements. You QT app switch if you switch dark or high contrast Adwaita.

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