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True internet dating stories

is a bi-weekly podcast that looks at extraordinary events in people’s lives that turned out to change everything.Each episode is heavily edited to give them a true first-person feel. Some of the most entertaining podcasts are, rather surprisingly, the ones based on real-life experiences or true events. First, the presenter often speaks from personal experience — whether they lived through or investigated a situation — making them that much more passionate.Also, these podcasts include the “that really happened” element, which can make the stories even more inspirational.In a testament to the podcast’s popularity, there are “premium” episodes available for purchase on its website.

In the second season, Ridgen joins a woman named Odette Fisher in her quest to solve the mystery of her missing daughter, Sheryl Sheppard, who disappeared in 1998.Stephanie Sottile, Meg Delaney, and Sarah Nelson also contribute.One of the strengths of The Coursera MOOC platform has launched The Global Translator Community (GTC) program that will attempt to add translated subtitles to the 600 plus video courses on the site. podcast investigates the world of missing people, including why and how people disappeared.Some may even chill you like these scary TV shows is exactly what you think it would be: a show about mysteries.In one, a woman rents a movie from a video store (remember those?

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They don’t claim to have any formal training in the world of research or investigation, but they make clear that this has never stopped them before.