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He assumed I was Israeli, and that like many Israelis he had met, I was interested in Buddhism and had stumbled upon a secular Tibetan get-together by accident.

He spoke to me out of compassion for “the only white girl in the room.” But once we exchanged a few phrases, in limited Japanese and then fluent English, it became clear the world was not as we’d assumed.

We share values, a way of life, and perspective on life and beyond.

We are not plagued by fears of hell, and we each mistrust proselytizing (sorry if that applies to you). I was born in communist Ukraine (not a great milieu for a Jew).

Its function is to remind a practitioner of the concepts and ideas of Buddhism, not to idolize the object, which is but a label for our mind to grasp the ideas better.

Also, most Buddhists are vegetarian, quickly solving the problem of pork in the kitchen.

My husband was born in India, in exile from the communist Chinese occupation and genocide in Tibet.

Young Tibetans, speaking Tibetan, Nepali and Hindi (none of which I knew at the time), came in for the secular Tibetan fundraising after-party.Ethnically Jewish, I love debating and arguing; advanced planning is in my blood.My husband avoids what he calls “pre-planning” and “being forced to choose,” as they make him feel trapped and lacking freedom.So, from expression of affection to choice of words, it’s been a winding road towards understanding between us: Normal behavior in his culture, my husband used to never show affection by hugging, holding hands, even in private, or sitting in close proximity to each other.Verbally, he also used to avoid discussing any personal feelings such as love or any negative feelings and thoughts.

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Many of my relatives, like many other secular Jews, choose not to eat pork even though they do not keep kosher.

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