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Seltzer, Chief Central Coventry Fire District Coventry, Rhode Island A research project submitted to the Coventry Emergency Services Affiliated Fire Districts as part of their consolidation efforts.

Background and Significance Fire protection in the town of Coventry is provided by seven private, non-profit fire districts, which maintain service for all areas of the town.The major justification for consolidation included many considerations that were expressed in interviews with the fire chiefs, many of which reflected the findings of the Coventry Merger Study Committee (BRW, Inc., 1992, p. In March of 2001, was born the Coventry Emergency Services, an alliance between the Central Coventry Fire District, the Harris Fire District, the Tiogue Fire District and the Washington Fire District.The alliance was formed for the purpose of providing the most efficient and cost effective emergency services to the taxpayer; combining resources to eliminate duplication of services and equipment; taking down the traditional barriers of district boundary lines and operating as closely as possible as a single entity; establishing one set of standard operational guidelines; combining fire and rescue training programs together as one; and sharing 6 ideas and interests for the betterment of the fire service in Coventry.Freise said in the last few weeks he has also heard from the Rutland-Dundee Township Fire Protection District chief who is interested in joining the conversation of a possible future consolidation."A big piece of our regional puzzle that has been missing from the onset is participation of Rutland-Dundee Township Fire Protection District," he said."Through all of this we've continued to work closely with them and will most likely continue to do so in the future, no matter what it holds."During Monday's board meeting, West Dundee Village President Chris Nelson was in favor of "looking at the gravitation toward a model of functional consolidation."He also liked the idea of establishing an advisory group and regional board."Speaking for myself, I think it's a great step, especially if we're keeping our eyes toward potentially a more direct consolidation down the road," Nelson said.

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Today people work miles from the community in which they live and generally live busy lives that lack the availability of time to volunteer on fire departments. As this lack of volunteer firefighters continued, the fire districts in the town of Coventry were forced to hire career firefighters to maintain service levels to the community, and have become combination fire departments.

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