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Speed dating the game 2

Gil can be obtained in treasure chests, from defeated enemies, and from selling items.The maximum amount the player can amass is limited to 999,999 gil.Gil may be dropped by the party after successfully escaping from battle just like its predecessor.Gil may be dropped by the party after successfully escaping from battle just like its predecessors. Gil Toss can be used by Setzer to attack enemies with gil if he equips Heiji's Jitte.In Final Fantasy XIII players must find item spheres containing gil, or sell premium items. Some games offer the player the chance to win more gil from battles by using certain accessories or abilities, and some penalize the player an amount of gil for fleeing from battle.In all of the above instances, items can be sold for gil as well.The currency is predominantly circulated in coins of varying value.

It is acquired throughout the games and used for making various purchases and occasionally for some abilities such as Gil Toss. Usually, the only time gil is seen is when using the Gil Toss command.

In Final Fantasy XII, the Turtleshell Choker accessory allows the equipped party member to cast spells using gil instead of MP.

In Final Fantasy VII, gil and GP are treated as separate currencies.

Gil can in most games be found in treasure chests and often as awards for subquests.

Most Final Fantasy games allow gil to be won from enemies, but there are exceptions.

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Gil Toss often does great damage, but at the obvious drawback of costing a great deal of gil.

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