South park who is satan dating

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Why would the Devil come to earth simply to screw a few people out of some money?

Does the Prince of Darkness really need our Earth money?

This is when the revelation comes that the only person still betting on Jesus to win was Satan all along; he threw the fight so that he could win and claim a big wad of cash.

The only bad thing to say about this episode is that, really, it doesn't make any sense.

It's a brilliant comment on the modern state of religion.

Jesus has shown up in a number of terrific episodes.

Wendy is kind of like the Courtney Love of the series – if she wasn't the girlfriend of someone important, we probably wouldn't have initially paid any attention to her at all.

At once, everybody in the town changes their bet to back Satan - everybody except one person, the identity of whom remains a mystery for now.There's "Super Best Friends," in which Jesus comes up short when he tries to out-magic David Blaine.The best he could do was tell the crowd "turn around..." so he could make bread and fish "appear." Jesus has fought to get Santa out of Iraq in "Red Sleigh Down" and sacrificed himself so Kyle could save the Easter Bunny in "Fantastic Easter Special." Despite all of these great adventures, the most enduring image of Jesus is when he serves as host of his underwhelming public access show, "Jesus and Pals." Suggesting that even if the Second Coming did happen, people either wouldn't believe it, wouldn't care, or simply wouldn't notice. Damien The arrival of a new kid at school who wears all black and sets things on fire can mean only one thing: the son of the Devil has arrived in South Park!Damien has come to deliver the message that Satan wishes to fight Jesus, a battle to the death to decide once and for all who will claim eternal glory: the forces of good, or evil?

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For the first seven seasons he was the only cop in town, despite being a complete idiot and functionally illiterate.