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On a recent snorkeling trip in Key West, our snorkeling guides even gave people floating noodles to make swimming easier. Embrace the open ocean and the wonderful world of marine life in their natural habitat!Snorkeling can be a life changing experience and open you up to an entirely new world of possibilities.If you are heading to the Caribbean for a vacation or are planning a cruise with a port of call near a beach, you can always buy a snorkeling mask and fins to take with you.If you aren’t swimming very far out, you can even skip the fins and just bring along a mask.Make sure you test the waterproof seal before leaving home!This will allow you to take photos under the water; it makes identifying the species of fish you’ve seen easier when you get back on the boat, but it is also a great way to capture the moment for your photo album!

Snorkeling guides always give a lesson on how to put on your mask and breath through the snorkeling gear, as well as guide you where to go and show you signs for letting the guides know you are in distress if you need help.Bring a change of clothes to throw on after you get back on the boat.Plan Your Own Snorkeling Adventure There are many times when I’ve laid on a beach and seen snorkelers in the water and wished I had brought my own snorkeling gear!Options for First Time Snorkelers I recently vacationed with a friend who is a little fearful of the water.I think she’s watched shark attack television programs one too many times!

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My strongest recommendation to friends visiting South Florida or the Caribbean is to go snorkeling.

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