Should there be a legal age for dating

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Should there be a legal age for dating

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The death penalty was effectively reinstated by 1977 when the first execution in years took place in Utah.Every parent knows that failing to link actions to consequences leads to children who do what they want when they want. We pay our taxes because we don’t want to face the consequences of not doing so. The same holds true for violent and dangerous crimes, where someone acts in such a way as to take the life of another they have to be punished, they have to expect retribution, they have to pay the price of their actions and it should be in equal measure.Abolitionists often confuse retribution (the payment of debt to society) with revenge which is a hot blooded reaction to the loss by those who have suffered it.The reasoning is simple, if the costs of doing something become too high, people will change their behavior to avoid those costs.If the cost reduces people will indulge in that behavior once more.

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We are taught (or at least we should be) from our earliest years that actions have consequences.