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Sexy vietnamese videocam

Find rice seeds by breaking tall grass in the wild.

Bamboo is also found in the wild, and is kind of like sugarcane. :) Upcoming features: - Air attacks - More bases - More guns If you want to support me, you can donate by paypal here.

Crafting Recipes: Blocks: Thatch: Thatch Stairs: Mud: Landmine: Punji Sticks: Barbed Wire: Green Sandbags: Brown Sandbags: Items: AK47 and M16(M16 on bottom, AK47 on top): AK47 Clip: M16 Clip: Metal Body: Straw: Grenade: Knives: Bowl of Rice: Changelog: v1.0.1 - Fixed Elephant not being able to be hit after a while - Fixed Mod Version Updater saying to update every time at the start of the game v1.0 - Release Installation: 1. Also please add in tanks and helicopters and planes imagine how awesome this would be in an B 52 Stratofortress bombing NVA and VC held positions. You are doing well with this mod I hope you can add all these suggestions into this amazing modfrom, Aviation Wolf Good mod, but I do have a problem with both friendlies and enemies despawning before we get near a tent, takes the fun away, and if you leave your troops to guard and come back, they'll most likely have despawned by then too.i tried to play it on my server and chose north my friends chose south and sometimes we were killed by our mates sometomes not sometimes of freind sometimes not its buggy on server i looove this mod so please continue it and fix multiplayer bug It's really sad how the USA,a "democracy", thought it was okay to throw napalm at civilians.

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Items: There are currently two types of guns in the game, which is the AK47 and M16. The AK47 uses AK47 clips and the M16 uses M16 clips. If you have any suggestions or found any bugs please let me know.

Next, there are grenades that can be thrown and explode on impact instantly. There are two types of structures, one for the North Vietnamese side and one for the South Vietnamese Side. Go to Run and type %appdata% and open the .minecraft folder. Open the mods folder (or make one if you do not have one yet) and put the downloaded mod file into the folder. Also diamand and favorite the mod if you enjoyed it. Hey Albert827, Can you add in the RPG, M2 Flamethrower, M14, RPD machine gun, M1 Garand, the M3 Grease gun, and last but not least the Remington 31.

Sometimes, soldiers may spawn in the bases/structures. Can you also change the bases as they look well generic.

There are also chests in these structures that provide you with items from the mod and other items too. Another idea is that you should add in VC tunnels so that it makes for an intense atmosphere as your bases can be invaded by a silent foe.

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