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* * * The next day the technician arrived along with a female assistant, Jackie showed them in and then had them sit on the couch.

The new Jackie was mean to the old Jackie, always down casting her performance, Jackie-bot couldn’t seem to do anything right, but she was loving being chastised by her new Mistress, this is what she’d been missing.

“Hello Jackie, how can I be of service to you today? “Hi Susanne,” said Jackie, “I was wondering if you could help me? “So my husband would be none the wiser, she’ll be me during the week and then I’ll be the maid-bot under her control, then we switch.” “That’s right, we can program her to be you or a version of you but meaner, more domineering so that she commands you, thereby giving you that missing spark you require.” Susanne replied. Or a version of me, like near twin sisters or such?

” Jackie asked, she thought having a sex-bot looking like her to control her would add a twist.

“She can made to look like whatever you want to, it depends on what you want, but we’d need you to come in for a scan so we can get the dimensions right.

That’s if you want her to look the same as you.” “That sounds exactly what I require, when can I come in? “Today, if you’re free.” Susanne said, pleased to help Jackie and also make another sale for the company.

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Jackie spent the rest of the morning at Maid-bots, Inc.