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Sex live cams llanelli

"Mrs opens door in thing bikini when we're in hot tub or some times very sexy underware. The girls opened the door to the takeaway driver in very sexy underware. Forgot to mention this is to take away drivers not tradesman sorry " You have a great figure op and I’m sure some tradesmen would be delighted at the sight - but what some of us tend to forget is that most people AREN’T swingers - and many adults are in monogamous relationships or simply single but don’t ‘sleep around ‘ - so rather than be delighted at the site and ‘up for it’ they’re as likely to feel embarrassed and uncomfortable!

Sorry that's a boring reply Open the door wearing those stockings in your pictures and ill be saying ‘it’s only a job’....

I suspect the answers not only depend on the sex of the naked person but also their perceived attractiveness.

I'm a tradesman and had customers 'show off' a few times all great fun but I wouldn't dare instigate anything else because it could end in serious tears!

No harm done then - and with your figure I’m sure many would be happy to oblige!

Peachy If it's a tradesperson then you have time surely they're coming to do a job so you can gauge by the flirting if they'd like to have a peep at your ladybits.

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Delivery person/postman I see the urgency of answering naked but as has been said it has its risks. All guys on here are swingers - ergo of course they’d like it! Personally, even as a swinger, I wouldn’t want to knock on a strangers door and find either a lady or a guy standing there naked! My father, for instance, who was madly in love with my mum for 45 years before death, would have been downright offended! If I want to fulfil this fantasy prearrange it with a tradesperson from the site Oh us British and our hang ups lol seriously we are WAY too uptight about nudity.