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In recent weeks, columnists in Saudi newspapers such as the prominent pro-government Okaz have openly, and some would say daringly, called for the mutawa to be abolished, arguing that they are an unnecessary financial burden.

Self-styled religious scholars recently appeared on Saudi TV shows advocating against shutting down businesses during prayer time, an idea once anathema in the kingdom.

“The best bet is to integrate them into general law enforcement.” Fanatical elements within the religious police could be “very dangerous if unemployed and angry, posing a substantial threat,” said Bruce Riedel, author of a book on Saudi Arabia titled “Kings and Presidents.” Meanwhile, the mutawa appear to be undergoing an image makeover, with training sessions instructing them to be “gentle and kind” and approach the public with pleasantries such as “my dear brother.” But even without the right to arrest, the religious police are not entirely powerless.

They now typically work in tandem with the security services and are expected to report violations to civil police.

An altercation broke out at a Riyadh mall in December when a group of female employees stranded outside during prayer time complained they were harassed by a policeman who wanted them out of sight, Al Riyadh newspaper reported. Give it back,” a woman screamed in a video circulating online as the bearded man tried to flee the scene in his vehicle.

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