Sex datings in arab

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So Islamists have a de facto monopoly on talk about the body, sex and love.

Denied, it weighs on the mind by its very concealment.

During the summer in Algeria, brigades of Salafists and local youths worked up by the speeches of radical imams and Islamist TV preachers go out to monitor female bodies, especially those of women bathers at the beach.

The police hound couples, even married ones, in public spaces. Benches are sawed in half to prevent people from sitting close together.

Religious authorities have issued grotesque fatwas: Making love naked is prohibited; women may not touch bananas; a man can be alone with a female colleague only if she is his milk-mother, and she has nursed him. Paradise and its virgins are a pet topic of preachers, who present these otherworldly delights as rewards to those who dwell in the lands of sexual misery.

Dreaming about such prospects, suicide bombers surrender to a terrifying, surrealistic logic: The path to orgasm runs through death, not love.

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