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To the north of us is a town called, Hastings, which is also on the Mississippi River.Both towns are in the midst of a revitalization and the changes are so exciting.We live 30 minutes south east of the Twin Cities on the gorgeous Mississippi River bluffs.We are surrounded by rolling hills and farm land, but we can be to the international airport or the Mall of America in 40 minutes. One of the closest towns to us is the adorably quaint and historic, Red Wing, where Red Wing shoes are made.

My in-laws built this house on a wish and a prayer when they were young and had two small children.We have a crop farm where we grow corn and soy beans.One unique thing about our farm is that we have a composting facility that receives yard waste (grass and leaves.) Once these materials are composted we spread them on our fields for added nutrients, and to help decrease soil erosion.When my parents retired 2 years ago, they moved to our little homestead nearly full time, and my husband’s parents live just down the road.I am so glad our children get to see both sets of grandparents on a daily basis.

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We have been using compost on our fields for the past 25 years.