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Sex dating in gerty oklahoma

After the Democrats took control of the House in 2007, Pelosi was elected Speaker of the House.

After the Democrats lost House control in the 2010 elections, Pelosi became the Democratic Leader (Minority Leader) in the Republican-controlled House.

She has not participated in candidates' debates since her 1987 race against Harriet Ross.

For the 20 election cycles, she held the distinction of contributing the most among members of Congress to other congressional campaigns, in part because she is in a safe district and does not need the campaign funds.

The first was Washington's Tom Foley, the last Democrat to hold the post before Pelosi.

During her speech, she discussed the historical importance of being the first female to hold the position of Speaker: This is a historic moment – for the Congress, and for the women of this country.

She was nominated by Rahm Emanuel of Illinois, the incoming chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, and sworn in by her longtime friend John Dingell of Michigan as the Dean of the House of Representatives traditionally does.

Pelosi (right) with Vice President Dick Cheney behind President George W.

Never losing faith, we waited through the many years of struggle to achieve our rights.Pelosi supported her longtime friend John Murtha of Pennsylvania for the position of House Majority Leader, the second-ranking post in the House Democratic caucus.His competitor was House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer of Maryland, who had been Pelosi's second-in-command since 2003.Kennedy's inaugural address when he became President in January 1961. She became a friend of one of the leaders of the California Democratic Party, 5th District Congressman Phillip Burton.She graduated from the Institute of Notre Dame, a Catholic all-girls high school in Baltimore, and from Trinity College in Washington, D. In 1976, Pelosi was elected as a Democratic National Committee member from California, a position she would hold until 1996.

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Pelosi was involved with politics from an early age. After the couple married, they moved to New York, and then to San Francisco in 1969, where Paul Pelosi's brother, Ronald Pelosi, was a member of the City and County of San Francisco's Board of Supervisors.