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Unusually for the mid 19C, the portrait is painted in oils on board. As such, it is very much a miniature portrait, in that it is presumably either copied from a full sized oil portrait of about 1843, or was the preliminary model for a large oil portrait, the whereabouts of which is unknown.The unknown artist was obviously talented and the sitter was an important man, hence it cannot be dismissed as the amateur work of a family member.He kept a number of women, who had rules given them by which to regulate their conduct, and he had agents, to procure him fresh faces, from different parts of the town.Calvert was also tried for the rape of a Sarah Woodcock a young milliner in 1768, when she was held against her will for several days in his house at Southampton Row, Bloomsbury, London before the assault.It appears to state; "J Leverton - Carver, Gilder, Picture Frame Maker - Figures Bronzed - 13 Jubilee St, Pymouth - Drawings and Prints Varnished - Oil Paintings Cleaned - Window Corners (? The carved and gilded frame therefore fits with the presumed date for the miniature of 1843.It is likely the portrait was a personal possession of the 4th Earl's widow, perhaps to be carried with when she travelled by coach or rail between her various homes.The image is rare as the National Portrait Gallery in London has no images of any kind of the 4th Earl.The reverse of the frame has been inscribed three times.

He ultimately lost his possessions in Maryland but remained wealthy due to his father's extensive holdings in Great Britain.Henry Harford’s claim to Maryland was exploited for years after his death in 1834.The latest major case was the United States Supreme Court case Morris v.Sarah is shown here, as is a woodcut of the day titled; "Sarah Woodcock forcibly introduced to Lord Baltimore".However at the trial Calvert was acquitted, supposedly as Sarah did not protest enough, but more likely due to his rank.

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Although it might seem a very unlikely story today, the 4th Earl, via his mother Frances Mary Harford and her family, had a claim to own the whole of the state of Maryland in the United States, as her father, showing here, was Frederick Calvert, 6th Baron Baltimore (February 6, 1731 – September 4, 1771) an English nobleman and last in the line of Barons Baltimore.

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