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Sex chat logs grrrl 27

Most important if you make a submission, please send it to me separately as an e mail or letter and do not edit this document and send it back to me! Please follow the format I've used and include as much specific pressing info as you can. Crew-Walk Together, Rap Together/ Ninjas To The Back/ Million Man Mosh Spitting Teeth were from Seattle.Mike Wilson [email protected] Havoc [email protected] put "MN Punk Discography" in the subject of your email. 8 test pressings in hand #rd sleeves, 150 in hand #rd sleeves, 150 in "monster mosh" sleeves, 200 in "zombie" sleeves The Agenda Articulation 7" EP 2006 self released 500 yellowish orange vinyl Amp 176/ Cadillac Blindside The cops are here, lets split 7" EP 1999 1%/ 1%-.99 Amp 176-Omniview/ I Wish I Cadillac Blindside-A touch of nostalgia/ My heart pisses blood for you Pop punk split tour 7" 1000 copies clear vinyl hand numbered covers (#'s are all over the place and numerically not relevant) Any Last Words S/T 7" EP 2003 Havoc Records/ HC7033 This ain't posi core/ I wish I could skate/ Ten run rule/ work, take shit, lather, rinse, repeat/ Is it hot in here/ I'd rather be fighting than crying/ Hardcore prom queen/ Why won't you die?Civil Defense Gun control 12" EP National Security Records/ NSR 0083 1983 Gun Control/ Personal Phone Call/ Capital Punishment/ Artificial World// Human Race/ New Religion/ Changed Artsy punk/HC Civil Disobedience In a few hours of madness 7" EP 1992 Havoc/HC 7002 Planet of the Fakes/ Faith Not Sight/ Manufactured Citizens/ the Unavoidable Process Crusty punk/ originally from Detroit,moved to Minneapolis.first press 1,000 black, second press 1,000 black, third press 1,900 black, 100 green, fourth pressing 2,000 gold, fifth pressing 2,000 red, sixth pressing 2,000 marbled Civil Disobedience Invention Extinction LP Profane Existence/ Exist/Skuld 34 1997 Crawled Back to the cradle/ the antidote/ depraved new world/ working class ass/ living crucifixion/ 101// last supper/ life insurance/ made of clay/ Ghengis Sahng/ cursed earth/ arms race Cleveland Bound Death Sentance S/T 7" EP 1997 THD Records Rumble Seats and Running Boards/ Love American Style/ The Difference Between Us and Them/ Drain/ Good Thing/ Baltimore Pop punk supergroup (members of D4, Crimpshrine, Pinhead Gunpowder, etc) Cleveland Bound Death Sentence Joe Pagano 7" EP 1998 THD Records East River Park/ Between the Lions/ Not Elique Glass/ PCMZ/ Hoxha Recorded at the Meth Lab.....Coffin Cheaters Loose as a whore 7" EP Sell Your Soul Records/ U 51866 1999 Lets get fucked up and have unsafe sex/ Gas, Grass or Ass/ Horns run in the family// Built for Speed/ Devil's Den/ Happy Abortion Song/ Mama's Boy Garage punk rock, obnoxious and retarded in a Quincy Punx sort of way.Coffin Cheaters Fuck Jesus, Fuck Allah & Fuck Buddha, We're the Coffin Cheaters and We're God!

Danger Roads My Metaphysical friend 7" single Break'er BR 45107 1979? Deprived Youth Alliance/ My First Addiction S/T 12" split LP My First Addiction were from Boston.

Cleveland Bound Death Sentence Gateway Handshake 7" EP 2005 No Idea Records/ #164 Some Days When/ Straight As An Arrow/ Sell Your Ass/ Grace Paley Children of the Barren Wasteland S/T 7" EP 1996 Profane Existence/Exist 38 Dangerous/Friendship/My society/Fearing Tomorrow Misery, Zero Hour project, crusty HC Code 13 Doomed Society 7" EP 1995 Havoc/HC 7005 Doomed Society/ Into the Whirlwind/ Dog Kontrol/ Poison Society/ Manufactured Identity/ We will fight them in the streets/ Off the Pigs/ Spokesman for no one/ The future is futile/ Darkness at noon/ Dog Killer/ Cities will burn First press 1800 black, 500 red, 100 purple, second press 2,000 clear, 3d press 2,000 marbled, 4th press 2,000 marbled, 5th press 2,000 black. Code 13 They made a Wasteland and Called it Peace 7" EP 1996 Havoc/ HC 7008 Hardcore for the kids/ Stay True/ In for the duration/ Shady Acres/ This Means War/ Send More Cops/ Birth of Retribution/ Armed to the teeth/ In Your head/ Club Scene/ Why we fight/ No Exit First press 2,500 green, 500 clear, second press 2,000 marbled, 3d press 2,000 marbled, 4th press 2,000 black.

Code 13 A Part of America Died Today 7" EP 1998 Havoc/ HC 7016 Days of rage/The die is cast/ No one is innocent/ Death Squad El Salvador/ Degenerate art/ Resisitoleros/ Paean/ Give the kids what they want/ Mondo Aggro/ Criminal Empire/ Free the unabomber/ Two fisted tales.

My metaphysical friend b/w Only in LA Very New Wave but on the Break'er label Danger Roads It's time to become robots 7" single Break'er BR 45-109 1980? ) Death Squad Noise Commands Respect 7" EP 1990 Submission Records/ SR 206 Don't Push/ Open Your Eyes/ So you want to be a hero/ March to your death/ Memo to the PMRC St. Destroy Total Fucking Chaos 7" EP 1990 Relapse Records/RR-008 Total Fucking Chaos/ Us Vs.

Paul crossover/HC First pressing of 500 sold mostly in Germany, then 2nd press of 250 Death Truck self titled 7" EP 2002 self released Next To Nothing/ National Insecurity// Desire For Execution/ History Bearing Evidence stamped numbered out of 499 Death Truck self titled 12" LP 2003 self released Falsely Accused Divine/ Hordes of the Damned/ Lost Community/ Flashing TV// Spectacles For Spectres/ Advice From The Deceased/ Hell To Pay/ Swallow It Whole mpls crusty HC. the world/Fucking Alternative/Doom of the Greedy/ Hordes of Destruction/ Santa-God/ Childrens Crusade/ We're strong to the finish 'cos we eats our spinach Grind/crust HC 2000 pressed, all black vinyl Destroy/Disrupt Split 7" EP 1990 Break the Chains/Adversity records 001 Destroy-Stop thinking and follow/ Obedience/ Defiance/ Yuppie Beware Crusty HC/Grindcore First press 1,000 with black covers, black vinyl, second press 1,000 red covers gold vinyl.

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