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First shown: 6/6/92 Opening: The Great Crowdini attempts an astounding escape.

Invention exchange: J&t B demonstrate The Dollaroid, while the Mads show off their “facial” tissue Host segment 1: J&t B present a list of space race advancements Host segment 2: Reenacting the movie so Crow can do his killer Peck Host segment 3: J&t B wonder: If one of them had to sacrifice themselves…

Bridget Jones was added to the writers list for the rest of the season. meat & potato head, while the Mads demonstrate pop star Tupperware, featuring Morrissey Host segment 1: Crow sings: “Oh, Kim Cattrall!

” Host segment 2: J&t B list some of the Fantastic 85 Host segment 3: J&t B keep listing superheroes End: J&t B try to play the City Limits trivia game, Joel reads letters, the Mads have had enough of Morrissey Stinger: Tiny radio-controlled death from on high • I’m not a big fan of this one.

There is certainly some merit to the former take, especially when considering this quiet Season 6 premiere moment, in which the Queen silently assesses the Septa-inflicted damage on her head—using a gesture familiar to millions of women who have debated whether their latest cut was a huge mistake.

Cersei seemed pleased enough in this week’s episode when Iron banker Tycho Nestoris called her “your father’s daughter, indeed” and the Queen has always been occupied with the notions of masculine power.

Actress Lena Headey said in a 2014 interview: “She envies her brother.

I’m sure the filmmakers thought nothing of beginning their movie with 10 minutes or so of random NASA footage. • For a moment, J&t B do ethereal “eeeee” singing bit — a reference to the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” — that they used to such good effect in episode 205- ROCKET ATTACK USA. • Servo, on the other hand, does a very good Burt Reynolds laugh. Our hero also has one of those Hooterville/Mayberry put-the-thing-to-your-ear-and-talk-into-the-thing-on-the-wall phones. • Another “broken sketch” sketch this week: this time it’s the bots who sabotage Joel’s sketch. • For those who have no idea who Crazy Guggenheim was, check out this piece by comedian Larry Miller, who, by the way, is also mentioned by in this episode. • Joel does a little impression of comedian Kevin Meaney. • Movie note: Not that I expect much from this movie, but I feel I must note that in the scene where the old drunkie guy is racing the train, there’s footage of at least three, maybe four different trains that are all supposed to be the same train.

• Then-current reference: Somebody mentions the president, and Servo says he’ll “vomit on some Japanese people.” Here’s a report on the incident he’s referring to. • This ep has not one, not two, but three Firesign Theatre references! ” Movie: (1959) A 30-foot killer lizard is loose in the woods near a small town and its gang of hot-roddin’ teens. MEGALON when Rhino released “Volume 10.2.” • This episode became infamous in the 1995-1996 period on Comedy Central, as a number of other episodes dropped out of the rotation due to movie rights issues. He takes a bit to get to his point, but it’s worth it. • Joel asks: “Was the ‘Richard Speck’ a popular haircut back then? • There’s a nice little TV in-joke during Tom’s “Servo on Cinema” sketch when Tom turns to face a non-existent second camera during his introduction and has to be corrected by Joel. • Joel (sort of) sneaks in the name of beloved cult band “They Might Be Giants” • Callbacks: J&t B sing the “Wild Rebels” theme song.

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It won for Special Visual Effects, and was also nominated for cinematography and sound. It was an early instance of the response they would get a lot with “This Island Earth.” • The riffing in this one starts a little slowly, largely because the movie itself starts a little slowly. One of the problems with a PD movie is that nobody takes care of it.