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I am using Nancy here just because I'm a bit more familiar with it than traditional MVC, and it's just so simple to get something up and running.

To add our website we just need to do the following: // Now add in the Web API middleware // api.

I find Visual Studio skips projects when it doesn't think anything changed, and since we're not hosting this in IIS we can't just update the static files while it's running and see the updates.

If you're still with me, then thank you for reading this far :) The last step in our exploration is getting the actual service installed and running by itself in Windows.

This is taken mostly from the docs, but it's quite simple to do: Once you have this code in place, you can run the solution within Visual Studio and see topshelf in action: We can see our console message displayed, so we're good to start adding some more useful functionality. Then add in the package, otherwise you'll get an exception when trying to run the service (once we add the code below).

The purpose of this guide is to cover many of the configuration tasks needed for setting up and maintaining JBoss EAP as well as running applications and other services on it.

The OWIN startup class is taken almost exactly from the docs, but we make two changes.

First, I am mapping the API code the /api instead of the root url so we leave that open for the eventual website we're adding.

This image is a shot of Postman, but any client will do: Now that we have the API in place and Topshelf is hosting everything for us, let's build upon our OWIN pipeline to host the actual Angular 2 site itself.

To keep this simple we'll first use Nancy to serve a page that will load Angular 2 using System JS and CDN links.

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Lately I've really wanted to explore the possibilities of self-hosting an Angular 2 website within a Windows service that could be running on any arbitrary windows machine.

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