Scott dating rap Chat warsaw

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Scott dating rap

Over the years, Nicki Minaj has been romantically involved with a number of high-profile rappers, including Drake, Meek Mill, and Nas.

Now, she’s apparently fallen for Eminem — or, so her recent lyrics would have us to believe.

Sabrina is reportedly single now and doing pretty fine.

Her single, “Why” is a must-watch right now —whether you’re a fan of Sabrina Carpenter or Casey Cott.

Police said the man, Scott Ostrem, 47, hadn't fled far after Wednesday night's chaos: They said he was spotted driving in the same red Mitsubishi Mirage he used for his escape and was arrested about a half-mile from his home, near the Walmart.His rap sheet includes charges dating to 1990, and includes an arrest for harassment, and in the past five years, for driving under the influence.New charges were pending and Ostrem was set to appear in court Friday morning.“I’m going to tell you something about Nicki that she don’t even know,” Eminem told the crowd. Posting the verse on Instagram, Minaj was asked by a fan whether she was in fact dating Eminem and she replied, “Yes.” But the unusually direct response stirred social media chatter that the relationship was little more than teasing between the two, and Eminem was coy on the subject when addressing an earlier concert.Eminem, 45, has generated headlines for his turbulent personal life — and often violent lyricism about women — since he emerged in the 1990s.

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Police added that they're still investigating whether he had any connections with the store prior to the shooting.