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His words would bear more significance years later when the percentage of youth participation in volunteerism drops to 13.5 in 1989 (Clemmitt, 79).

This drastically low percent heightened the urgency for youth civic engagement to increase.

They’ve made it like homework now, when you should be doing it because of the impact it has, not because it was assigned and you just need to turn it in.), is absolutely valid, and though service hour requirements actually do get students to participate in volunteer work in their communities, does is enrich them enough to inspire a lifeline spirit of volunteerism? A study titled “Involuntary volunteering: The impact of mandated service in public schools,” published in the journal “Economics of Education” found that when the state of Maryland mandated 8th graders to accrue a specific amount of volunteer hours, those same students were no longer doing any service by their senior year of high school.

This occurs through several means including: volunteerism, community service, and service-learning.

Volunteerism is the genuine devotion of time to a cause without receiving compensation, whereas community service is similar on some level, but differs in the sense that some “volunteers” participate because they are required to through an institution, like a school.

The difference in what the exposure looks like can be striking.

Unfortunately you will always have students who show up to volunteer with a less than enthusiastic attitude, who begrudgingly stare at the clock until their time is up, get their hours validated, and gain nothing from the experience.

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But in addition to the academic requirements, Bright Futures also requires a hefty volunteer hour requirement.

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