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That's fine, but it does nothing to identify you as someone who is worth roleplaying with, so you may need to adapt.

-The soldier who has a prototype bullet-proof vest, capable of stopping any caliber of bullet without even so much as bruising him. Sniffing the air as if to judge the taste by its smell, he smiles. That's a little better than: /me walks into the cafe. " So, give your character a bit of depth to their actions. Here's an example: /me looks across the counter, staring at the selection of soft drinks before turning his gaze to the coffee. Two cream and a sugar, please." He reaches into his pocket, and pulls out his wallet to pay.He pulls the knife free and wipes it on the dead man's shirt, then walks away. She moans as her man pulls at her shirt, and gasps in fear and pleasure as he rips her bra free. Now, let's see what went wrong in those two example, and then fix them: 1 - In this example, the person posting not only decided that their punch hit the person, but also that it knocked his victim out, and that he had enough time to kill him. Regardless, the person attacking took too many liberties.Here's what should have happened: /me looks at the man and throws a punch at him.

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Here are a couple of ways to see if you can get in on it if you so desire: -IM one or both players, and ask if you can join in.

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