Sammie and karina pasian dating

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Sammie and karina pasian dating

Kathem Al-Saher has established himself as one of the most successful singers in the history of the Arab World, since the start of his career.

Ranging from big romantic ballads to more political work, from pop to Arab classical music.

Saher's brother once took him to different places where people usually sang, and told him it's your choice to sing a respectful way or you can choose to do it the bad way, he said that the only way to achieve success is if you respect your music and respect yourself.Releasing numerous albums and touring extensively, Al-Saher has become both a high-grossing superstar and a respected musical artist, his reputation has continued to grow through collaborations with European and North American artists, including Sarah Brightman and Lenny Kravitz.He continues to live abroad, residing alternately in Cairo, Dubai, Paris, and Toronto.By 1998, he had ten albums under his belt and was lauded as an artist, not just a pop star, that prestige brought him wider fame and a growing international reputation that won him a UNICEF award for his song "Tathakkar", which he performed in the U. for Congress and the United Nations – one of the first real post-Gulf War cultural exchanges.The following year, he recorded a tribute to the Pope with the Italian Symphony Orchestra.

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A year later, he had a hit with "Obart Al Shat" (I crossed the river), some of his professors at the Academy denounced it as sha'bi (pop) music, anathema to those who taught classical music.

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