Salsa speed dating

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Salsa speed dating

Deep inside of you was that special feeling of “I can’t wait for tomorrow.” This kind of happiness and excitement is the same when you have a connection with a girl. When you have a bad day at work, imagine being able to go home to an amazing girlfriend who’s waiting for you. And those boring weekends when you do the same old thing… Share stories, experiences, moments, and memories with her. For example, you might ask a woman about what music she likes, what she does for work, or what sports she’s into.Imagine how different you’d feel if you could hookup with an exciting, adventurous woman every Saturday night. Things go okay for a while, but after a few of these random topics the conversation dries up and you don’t know what to say next.The better option is to have a handful of these deeper questions memorized then ask them when there’s an appropriate window in conversation.Or better yet, get a feel for the spirit of these questions and use them as a guide for exploring each other’s personalities.The way you map your future destination is with something I call Date-Talk. All you do is talk about your date so the story of your first date builds itself.Here’s an example: Alicia and I were talking about going on a brunch date so I asked her where her favorite cafe was.A meaningful connection can really make you feel happier every day. Aimless conversation makes it feel like there’s no chemistry, doesn’t it?And not to forget, when you connect with women, they feel the exact same excitement for YOU. Well, what you should do instead is map a path to exactly where you want to go.

Now, just like any recipe, the first thing you need to do is to is use the right “ingredients.” So what is the secret recipe to connection? FOCUSED stands for the seven ingredients that will help you build deep connections with women on Tinder and first dates. Your path is mapped and there’s meaning and purpose to what you’re both doing – in this case, you’re on your way to a flirty first date at an art gallery.

Not to mention, you also make it 10x more enjoyable for every woman you interact with. Do this and you’ll never have to chase a woman again. This recipe (or system) has created extraordinary results for me and my clients over the years, and can do the same for you.

Remember when you were a kid trying to get to sleep on Christmas Eve? How many Tinder conversations do you have that go nowhere fast?

Well, even though it sounds silly, you could, and it would help your closeness enormously.

But you don’t have to – there are more natural ways to go about it.

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And just maybe, it’ll help you attract your dream girl.

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