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Russian muslim dating

It used to be the custom that the bride and groom would wear their wedding crowns for eight days, but now the removal of the crowns is customarily done at the end of the service.

The priest says benedictions for the bride and groom and then the dismissal takes place.

The priest then says a prayer blessing the couple's betrothal which mentions instances in the Bible where rings are used and relates those instances to the betrothal.

In the Eastern Orthodox Church Holy Matrimony is considered a Sacred Mystery (sacrament), and the sign of the marriage is not the exchange of rings (that takes place at the betrothal) but rather the placing of crowns on the heads of the bride and groom.

Throughout the celebration there is dancing, singing, long toasts, and a lot of food and drinks.

Russian weddings have adopted some of western traditions, including bridesmaids and others.

Once the groom arrives at the bride’s home, he must pay a ransom for the bride, a term in Russian known as vykup nevesty.

It is also customary for the married couple to release either balloons or, better, two white doves to symbolize their love and partnership which is written in the sky for all to see.

And the bride also releases another balloon with her maiden name written on it, as she embarks on her new life.

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The deacon leads an ektenia (litany) with special petitions for the couple.