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Posted by / 03-Jan-2020 21:07

I have used this website twice to find dependable roommates.

Easy to use and well worth the .95 for 30 days to find the right roommate! The website provides profiles that I found very helpful. If you add a phrase in your ad about checking background info you will have better luck.

Obviously we would love to see everyone who uses be successful in their search for a roommate, but as always, some areas may have more roommate potentials than others.

Then, I posted photos and a description to, in hopes of finding a more suitable renter soon.

To reply and communicate with my new matches, I had to upgrade and pay again. I brought this to the attention of, and their response was that have no control over when people respond.

I informed them that I will be REPORTING them to the Better Business Bureau!!!!!!!

After a few junk emails, I started receiving serious inquiries, and think that I've found a fella that seems to be a great fit. This was my first time signing up on your website to help me find the right people to rent the rooms and all it took was less than a week for your site to find the best suitable roommates based exactly of my expectations and paying the fee was well worth and i tried other websites but this was the best as once your website found someone i was able to connect with them directly and not lose money - totally superb!!!!

Will never use any other website - thank you for all your help and the some fee was well worth!

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