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La Montagne's voice is as remarkable as ever, he and his band's musicianship exemplary, and yet much of the show is unmemorable.Perhaps it's his alienating shyness, perhaps it's the rather one-note instrumentation, or perhaps it's the civility of the venue, but it proves difficult to connect with this live performance any more than with La Montagne's records.It's hard, for instance, to feel moved too deeply by what must be about his millionth rendition of the over-familiar "Trouble" (which is nonetheless a stone-cold classic).Presumably, each individual performance has ceased to mean all that much to La Montagne, who must play the song every night, so why should we feel any different when he plays it in a version almost identical to the recorded one?Inspiration for Trouble was really more an exercise in the writing process. Didn't know you were coming today, very nice surprise. I need to tell you that we saw you perform at the Dundas Harvest Picnic in Aug. We have both seen a lot of shows but this was very memorable for us both despite having terrible seats and getting stepped on by bros getting beers from the concession every 20 minutes. Many, many heartfelt thanks for all that you've shared with us. (I'm weirdly anxious, as this is my first Reddit contribution.)MY QUESTION: As an enormous fan of great singer-songwriters -- and a mega-super-colossal Ray La Montagne fan -- I'm, as many others are, always trying to decipher the meaning of a song.

The same can't be said for his tight-knit touring band, all of whom seem entirely happy to be here.

Or perhaps it's spending an hour and a half reclining in the comfort of the Barbican stalls, watching a Ray Lamontagne show. This must be one of the politest gigs on the music circuit.

Between songs, the 35-year-old singer-songwriter and his band are thrown into blackness, as if they're changing the scenery for a school play, and perhaps to prevent La Montagne suffering any sort of interaction with the audience.

My previous albums (in chronological order) are Trouble (2004), Till The Sun Turns Black (2006), Gossip in the Grain (2008), and God Willin' and the Creek Don't Rise (2010). I must admit that I'm a bit obsessed with your music. When I first discovered your music I was going through a bit of a depression, but listening to you made everything a little better. As I understand it, you're no stranger to melancholy either. I can't wait to see you on May 27 :)When you're in a dark place, try to allow yourself to get comfortable with that darkness.

I'm rehearsing right now for a few shows this/next week in NY (May 1 & 2), LA (May 5 & 6) and Chicago (May 8). All the dates are here: is proof that it's me: https://twitter.com/Ray La Montagne/status/461188143774203904 And of course a photo: DNZUUPDATE: Thanks everybody - nice chatting with you. It's only once you get comfortable with it that you'll see the light.

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On the other hand, we get a great performance of the lesser-known but equally wonderful "Shelter" from his debut (also called Trouble), and a stunning, stripped-down "Jolene".