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Quote garden dating

What’s one skipped meal in comparison to the Agony in the Garden? The small tasks that unite us to God are nothing compared to what he has done, and continues to do, for us.

As Christ says in Matthew -30 (NASB), “T If there’s anything that we as young people have done right, it’s to banish judgement.

Your perseverance in not lost on God; He has a great reward planned for you. He even sent his own son to die in order to secure our salvation. Josemaria reminds us to keep our lives in perspective.

Aside from making small daily sacrifices, you can serve God by completing the work set out for you. You can achieve holiness simply by doing the work you have to do anyway. Of course, it’s important to pursue your work with joy and pride.Holiness can be as simple as a daily conversion toward God. It’s comforting to know that God notices my loving actions just as much, if not more, than my sinful ones.If we take time each day to refocus our attention on him–to recognize our failures and resolve to do better–we can be well on our way to sainthood. If that’s all it takes–to love others–then I may really have a shot at sainthood! Josemaria is giving you the opportunity to become a true superhero.It may feel unnatural at first, but incorporating small sacrifices into your day will benefit your life and the lives of those around you.So, skip a meal, plant a victory garden, volunteer at the food pantry, bike to work.

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It’s easy to get caught up in the stories of martyrs and penitent nuns…the ones who wore hair shirts and walked barefoot in the snow. Virtue doesn’t always consist of stern and serious piety. This is what God Sure, there are many saints who waited to pursue God until later in life. He encourages us to start serving God now by tackling our daily tasks with joy and gusto.

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