Problems to start transas ns3000 after updating to wf48

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Problems to start transas ns3000 after updating to wf48

© 2007 The Shephard Press Published November 2007 ISSN 1365-6600 Member of the Periodical Publishers Association.Production and DTP by Clear Impressions, High Wycombe, Bucks, UK. SHEPHARD Military Helicopter 4 Mixed messages in a sellers’ market Jon Lake looks at the drivers behind today’s boom in military helicopter orders and wonders when it will benefit warfighters in the field.On the other side of the Atlantic, there are some who have yet to experience any benefit from this boom in orders.While Sikorsky’s S-70/H-60 family continues to attract orders, the company has so far found only a single customer for the military version of its fast-selling and impressive S-92.9 Helicopter specifications Concise descriptions, photographs and specification data on the world’s major military helicopters.41 Weapon systems specifications Anti-armour, anti-ship and air-to-air missiles, torpedoes, rockets and gun systems for rotorcraft.Like most development 8[m Xe Z\[Ifk XipN`e^8m`fe`ZjÆ :fd YXk;\gcfp\[ Peter Donaldson, Editor [email protected] Military Helicopter Portfolio ž(&&-He Yam[bb9ebb_di"? dje ZWoÊid[jmehaY[djh_Ym Wh\Wh[[dl_hedc[dj"c

The market for military helicopters over the next decade is expected to be even larger than that for civil rotorcraft (59%) and many analysts estimate that as many as 8,500 will be sold during the period.

Interlaken, Switzerland » ROTORHUB MAGAZINE The business magazine for the civil rotorcraft industry. Gold Coast, Australia » ANNUAL HANDBOOKS Military Helicopter, Electronic Warfare, Digital Battlespace, Night Vision London, UK ONLINE contact » ROTORHUB.

COM » EVENTS » ELECTRONIC WARFARE 2008 15-16 MAY » HELI-PACIFIC 2008 27-29 MAY » NIGHT VISION 2008 20-23 OCTOBER The Shephard Press, 268 Bath Road, Slough, SL1 4DX, UK Tel: 44 (0)1753 727001 Fax: 44 (0)1753 727002 mmm$he Yam[bb Yebb_di$Yec visit us at VIEW » Jon Lake Jon Lake « VIEW MIXED MESSAGES IN A SELLER’S MARKET By Jon Lake The military need for helicopters is huge, but procurement decisions drag and manufacturers struggle to meet existing orders and manoeuvre into support contracts to cover future gaps.

But those who can see a bigger picture know that Boeing can’t build Chinooks quickly enough to meet demand – Eurocopter is finding the same for the Cougar and Agusta Westland’s Italian factory is finding it tough to keep up with demand for its AW139, while the A109 continues to sell in large numbers.

So what lies behind today’s huge demand for military helicopters?

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It may seem almost incredible to aircrew, many of whom have to go out and fly combat missions in superannuated Sea Kings and ancient Pumas, or in Lynxes that struggle in hot and high conditions.

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