Pretty girl dating ugly guy

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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... Does this prove that men are more shallow, or does it prove that women are more openmined? Thank'sever hear of gold diggers, doesn't matter if it a man or woman. It is sad with so many people out there that somebody would let themselves be played like that (and after reading so many profiles saying they don't want to play games). Besides looks change as we get older and so do taste in people.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your often see a pretty girl w/ an ugly, but I have yet to see a handsome guy w/ an ugly women. Have a great day everyone Chrisits cause men can't stand to look at us ugly women, lmao.doesn't matter i'm the one that has to do it, and to see either partner in a marriage to be treated that way by someone they so obviously adore just kills me.I agree with brunette okie when she said you see a guy with a good looking woman and she treats him like crap and he worships her, I've seen that more than a few times, I think the whole thing proves men, most men anyways are shallow, I want to be with a person who cares about me and loves me wheather he's a "hottie", sort to speak or not one at all, because if he treats me good than he will be the sexiest man alive.women are definetlly more shallow--prime example, Im little over 6 foot muscular and take very good care of myself,my ex wife is hot as hell and while were together I come to realize that she (like alot of woman) are controlling.even tho we made a great couple she tried for years to controll me in various ways.just hang on with me and everything will become clear.

After sometime the smoker can crave smoking as soon as he sees on of those images because they remind him of the pleasurable feelings he gets when he smokes.Now lets assume that an unattractive person kept satisfying the important psychological needs of a very attractive person each time they met?As this keeps happening over and over the attractive person will experience pleasant feelings in the presence of the less attractive person.Now as this process keeps repeating over and over the attractive person will associate the presence of the less attractive one with happiness, satisfaction and joy.Shortly the attractive person will fall for the less attractive one without consciously understanding what happened.

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In my previous articles i said that the brain depends greatly on associations in its operation.