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"Just having these people out here, everyone of them touched some part of my career and had something to do with where I'm at and why I was standing out there today," Buehrle said.I could talk for two or three hours about this guy.ALLENTOWN - Scott Podsednik admits that it's not easy being in triple A, attempting to work his way back to the major leagues.

With 202 career stolen bases in the big leagues, Podsednik still has speed as his greatest asset.

Sketches include: A Message From the Vice-President of the United States, Lance Armstrong Monologue, Celebrity Iron Man, Totally Rad Smoke Detector 3000, The Indigo Girls (with Sheryl Crow cameo), The O'Reilly Factor, Weekend Update with guests Finesse Mitchell, Scott Podsednik, and Mrs Butterworth, A Song for Sheryl (with Sheryl Crow cameo), Days of Our Lives, Carol!

Sheryl Crow performs "Good Is Good" and "Strong Enough".

He also stole five bases and wasn't caught stealing. The goal now is to take what he accomplished in spring training and continue with the Iron Pigs.

"I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish and wanted to prove I was healthy and could still run and make an impact and I felt like I took care of things I can control," he said. He was an all-star in 2005 with the Chicago White Sox, the year they won the World Series.

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