Panorama bbc online dating

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Panorama bbc online dating

Close Rachel and the Footy Pups are back for more fun outdoors, learning together about teamwork and football.Rachel and the team are joined by international athlete Perri Shakes-Drayton, who teaches them all about athletics.Lola is very excited and is sure that Morton will be her new friend who lives down the stairs.The Squirrels are playing dress up when they first hear a ghostly sound, so they stop what they are doing to investigate.Sarcastic Mole thinks he doesn't need glasses, but he keeps bumping into everything. Close Duggee is back with his merry band of Squirrels for more clubhouse adventures.The squirrels are out on a walk when they come across Tino and Eugene having a disagreement about an amateur dramatic show they want to stage.The Patchwork Pals can hardly wait for the Patchwork egg to hatch.

A mysterious jet of water appears next to Igglepiggle.

Duggee and the Squirrels find a mysterious object whilst metal detecting. Close Get outdoors, learn about teamwork and develop your ball skills with Rachel and the Footy Pups!

Rachel, the team and the Footy Pups are visited by some cheeky cheetahs, as their concentration is tested.

He is delighted to discover that he can control it by stamping his feet.

Close The Patchwork Pals live together on a huge patchwork blanket. Close Join the Footy Pups as they play in an animal league against a variety of teams and learn how friendship and teamwork are the only way to win.

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They encounter problems, but pull together to help each other in the end. Close Duggee is back with his merry band of Squirrels for more clubhouse adventures.