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This was surprising to many people going by her known bad attitude.

The hot-headed journalist and pastor gained more attention when she became a participant on the debut season of NBC’s reality television series, had earned her familiarity with Donald Trump.

She went further into the Trump administration when she was sworn into office as the Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liason on January 20, 217.Her father was murdered in the year 1981 when she was seven years old just as her elder brother named Jack Thomas Manigault Junior was also murdered in 2011 in what was reported to be a “deadly lovers quarrel.”.Her elder sister Gladys Louise Manigault died on February 20th, 2016 of natural causes.She even has the perfect pastor’s narrative on her side.“A reformed career woman known for her attitude, shepherds a southern church alongside her husband,” is a layup pitch for a potential TBN show.

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As a young woman with an ambition, she moved to Washington DC, and got her master’s degree at Howard University and also studied for a doctorate in communication, though she didn’t complete the latter.