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In May 2010, CBS announced that Numbers had been canceled after six seasons. Don and Charlie's father, Alan Eppes, provides emotional support for the pair, while Professor Larry Fleinhardt and doctoral student Amita Ramanujan provide mathematical support and insights to Charlie.

Opening: (Voice-over by David Krumholtz) We all use math every day. Season One was a half-season, producing only 13 episodes. Season Two sees several changes to Don's FBI team: Terry Lake is reassigned to Washington and two new members join Don and David Sinclair: Megan Reeves and Colby Granger.

Charlie gets his security clearance back after he and Don fight FBI Security Officer Carl Mc Gowan. The team adds new agent Nikki Betancourt, who arrives shortly after Megan Reeves' departure. Buck Winters (from the episodes, "Spree" and "Two Daughters") breaks out of prison and comes after Don.This leads Charlie to realize Larry is once again leaving, and leaving all of his work to Charlie.Don learns that his former mentor is crooked, causing Don angst when he has to shoot his mentor.Brothers Ridley and Tony Scott produced Numbers; its production companies are the Scott brothers' Scott Free Productions, CBS Television Studios (originally Paramount Network Television, and later CBS Paramount Network Television).The show focuses equally on the relationships among Don Eppes, his brother Charlie Eppes, and their father, Alan Eppes (Judd Hirsch), and on the brothers' efforts to fight crime, normally in Los Angeles.

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He is subsequently arrested and has his security clearance revoked, so he can no longer help Don on cases.