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There are always 2 sides to everything, above the surface and underneath it ? PS: I might look chilled but taking those kind of pictures is a hassle haha .. A post shared by Pamela Reif (@pamela_rf) on Weekend Motivation ? 30s each exercise, 4 rounds, no break between the exercises – only between the rounds ?

hold the camera 2 millimeters higher and you won't see anything from the underwater world. start off with elevated kickbacks 30s each leg, continue with squat jumps on & off the stepper for 30s, finish off with elevated step ups ?

I do understand that some may be perfectly happy in Mary Kay, but quit because of family circumstances or other reasons.

I’m just saying that the vast majority likely quit due to a negative experience.

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Hold it 1 millimeter deeper and all you can see is legs ????? always push through the heels for optimal booty activation ?

To many, my fight against Mary Kay Cosmetics is puzzling. (If she doesn’t buy within the first couple of weeks, the chances that she will buy anything at all go down exponentially.) Start with the largest package and work your way down.

I submit to you that the reason women quit being independent beauty consultants for Mary Kay Cosmetics is by and large because of failure in the business.All the while, tell the new Mary Kay consultant that she can’t be successful without a “full store” of products. The vast majority of the products sold to the consultants is never resold to an actual customer.Tell her that if she wants to be at “profit level” and really start bringing in money for her family, she needs a lot of products. Is it because the consultants really don’t try to sell? It’s because the products are of mediocre quality and are overpriced.Besides that, women have oodles of choices on the internet and in the stores.There’s just no need to go through the hassle of dealing with a Mary Kay lady, especially when you know that she’ll eventually try to recruit you and never let up!

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Over time, Mary Kay has been increasing its beauty consultant count.