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Millenia dating

There are two methods of counting years: current years (the count begins at the epoch) and elapsed years (the count is of completed years since the epoch).

There was a popular debate leading up to the celebrations of the year 2000 as to whether the beginning of that year should be understood (and celebrated) as the beginning of a new millennium.This ordinal numbering is still used in the names of the millennia and centuries, for example the 1st millennium or the 10th century, and sometimes in the names of decades, e.g., 1st decade of the 11th century.The main issues arise from the content of the various year ranges. Decades are not subject to ambiguity, as they are named according to their leading numbers: the decade called the 1990s by its naming does not include 2000.There was also media and public interest in the Y2K bug.People liked to compared their odometer as a reason to celebrate the new millennium which goes from 1999 to 2000.

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