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If we do, if we deny the atrocious realities which surround us, wallowing in oblivious apathetic self-indulgence then we are all doomed.I stayed up too late last night like many of you watching the Dallas events on the "corporate" media. She had been one of the leaders of a campaign against the construction of a privatized hydro-electric dam along a river in the region of La Paz.In truth, there have not been tour buses lined up at Puerto Nuevo for years and years. I would be very careful parking any distance from the actual camp, even on the dirt road leading to it. From the late '60's into the 90's we never became ill from eating there, but we know people who have.And, we never even found out about the drug and human smuggling activities at PFC until after 2007.I'm going to paste the translation of the interview from Aristegui Noticias in English for you: Recent sociological studies show that in Mexico, of, although not absolute almost almost systematically, people with dark skin color is poorer, have less education, worse jobs and live in most precarious situations that people with skin whiter .but instead, here an elite marginalize 90% of the population, in that sense we become more like South Africa, where the white population, 10% of the total population, excluded throughout the twentieth century blacks of power and of democracy." ************ We were in San Diego yesterday visiting some friends in City Heights at their cook out, then over to Eastlake.Get there: Take the Tijuana-Ensenada toll road south, exit at the last Rosarito exit, and head south along the free road another five miles. Book a room at the recently remodeled Rosarito Beach Hotel, or rent a whole house at Las Gaviotas." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Back to the subject.....

This is why Trump signed the omnibus spending bill. USA will work together with Saudi against A4d It hasnt really begun yet, but hang on!

The IG has 500 lawyers looking at the FISA process. 2, 2016, saying: “Make sure you can lawfully protect what you sign.” CIAFBI#Qanon Horowitz investigations are real, current investigations are legit. Evil is bad mouthing him to discredit #Qanon IG Horowitz investigation is collaborating with Grassley, Nunez, Goodlatte with A. Sessions and outside counsel His investigations findings are *DAYS* away, that is why the internet is insane with disinfo! Albury for leaking confidential OIG Michael Horowitz Letter to Chuck Grassley - FISA Review DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz has released a public statement stating the OIG intention to investigate the fraudulent FBI FISA Title-1 survei..Alex Salvi‏@alexsalvinews #BREAKING on @OANN: Attorney General @jeffsessions is rejecting the call from @GOP leaders asking him to appoint a second special counsel to look into the FBI’s handling of its most high-profile probes.

#Qanon Do JObama WH, CIA, FBI, Do J coordination early in the investigation into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. (1/2) #OANNKaitlan Collins As he greeted John Bolton at the Pentagon just now, Defense Secretary James Mattis joked, "I heard you’re actually the devil incarnate and I wanted to meet you.” Bolton laughed. Trump Ruh-roh : Bezos, owner of #Wa Po & Amazon, getting owned.

Thanks to Lizzy in NY for making and sending us copies - Lizzy is an artist who creates and produces progressive political stickers and more.

Sessions appointed a prosecutor from outside DC to look at all the issues surrounding the corrupt FBI and Do J. Trump Admin Announces HUGE Cutbacks to United Nations Hooray! President Trump's administration has announced cutbacks to the United Nations. One Day After Felony DOJ Charges Against FBI Agent for Media Leaks, An... One day after the Department of Justice announced felony charges against FBI Agent Terry J.

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Bezos & Zuckerberg are about to learn about what happens to arrogant chckenlittles, who take on far tougher Apex predators. Good riddance, they're an absolute disgrace 👇Vachel Lindsay added, Donald J.