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I'd like to thank UDL squad for their radical honesty, intellectual prowess and scholarly approach to reviewing my writing.And keeping me grounded as a human by being consistently unimpressed and laughing at my internet celebness.You'll be miles further than the person next to you pitching with just a Power Point deck.

I'd like to thank all my followers on Twitter for supporting my work by giving me feedback, sharing it, and sticking with me through my ups and downs throughout this startup journey. I'd like to thank my family: my mom (Moeps), dad (Aap), Jeroen Pixel and Marijn for sticking with me and giving me true advice in times where it was impossible to get objective feedback anywhere else.That means while reading the text of this book will slowly start looking like this: abu eoev hunawuop, sy ciks piizqe ekiykb iou zu xexo. If you buy the book (click Buy MAKE — below), the text will instantly become decrypted and it will be fully readable like a normal book.You'll also get the PDF and e Pub versions sent to your email. Because you have little time, here's the mega short TL; DR (too long; didn't read) summary of this book.I'd like to thank my co-shipping friends Marc from Beta List, Lowen, Andrey, Oskar, John from Ghost, AJ from Carrd, Courtland from Indiehackers, Daniel my Server Guy™, Xiufen Silver, Yury the Critic™, Jelmer (aka Dutch Levels), Amrith (aka the Shinbag), Vlasti, Suska, and Felix from Fastlane.I'd like to thank everyone in Work in Progress chat for keeping me productive and forcing me to finally finish this book (which took me too long).

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I really, truly, honestly want to see the mainstream startup narrative change into one where bootstrapping, revenue and actual profit is "cool".

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  1. Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all, but their number one criteron make sense to us: an emphasis in profile questions on mutual interests and honest self-representation over looks and sexual prowess.

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