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Featuring music from the fantastic Francisco Cerda, Save the Date is probably the single thing I have worked on that I am most proud of. Save the Date Soundtrack on Bandcamp Trailer Still wondering what this game is about or why you should play it? It will answer absolutely none of your questions whatsoever. Probably best for people to play it without knowing what they’re getting into. The excellent soundtrack for the game is up on Band Camp, and can be yours, for the low, low price of !Where constructing the perfect Tinder profile lives or dies by an adequately snarky bio, the perfect selfie, and, of course, proving yourself as a potential good date (or hook-up).After all, ensuring that you get that right swipe is a fleeting task, and can be failed in an instant.Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, PS Vita, Android, i OS USgamer review Hatoful Boyfriend spurred from a desire to poke fun at the often cliche-ridden otome genre. It’s a subversive treat that upends the entire game. Plus, the game takes place within an adorable cat cafe called A Cat’s Paw.It’s a game where you, a human girl, are admitted to a new academy, St. Platforms: PC, Mac Hustle Cat is likely the most inclusive dating sim not just on this list, but anywhere. Hustle Cat is a visual novel with heart that thinks of every potential player, which makes it essential to any dating sim fan.

In the past I’ve written for Kill Screen, The AV Club, Waypoint, Polygon, and IGN, and I’m looking forward to writing (a whole lot more) here!But the popular dating apps of today have taken dating to another level—quite literally—by morphing the age-old pastime into a virtual-bound game itself.It’s a game defined by ranking; where swiping is your tool, and matching is your goal.The romance saturation in games has slowly become commonplace by integrating itself into all sorts of genres, not simply bound to romantic visual novels and otome games.But I’d like to shift the spotlight back to the visual novels, otome games, and other dating-centric titles that you might have missed over the years.

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) plants you as a woman crossdressing as her twin brother, navigating a cruise ship filled with hot ladies and steamy BDSM experimentation.

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